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Absolut Sex recipe
Ingredients: 1.5oz       Absolut® Kurant vodka 1.5oz       Mi..
Ingredients: 2 oz bols melon (or Midori® melon liqueur) 4 oz orange juice 1 slice of lemo..
Bols Melon
BOLS Melon is a light emerald green liqueur based on the honeydew melon. It has a uniquely crisp ..
Ingredients: 2oz        Melon Liqueur 2oz        Le..
  Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz bols melon (or Midori® melon liqueur) 2 oz lemonade 1 lime..
Midori Melon
Midori is a premium liqueur with the refreshing taste of natural melon that's easy to mix, easy t..
Toxic Waste
Ingredients: 1.5oz vodka 0.5oz bols melon (or Midori melon liqueur) Splash of blue curacao ..
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